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The Wrapping Co. specializes in supplying and installing interior architectural films within Seattle, Tacoma and surrounding Puget Sound.
Architectural films are a revolutionary solution to your outdated spaces. They are highly durable, self-adhesive films made to mimic the feel and look of a variety of surfaces such as wood, stone, marble, metal and even fabric.




Our core service is providing high quality and elegant wrapping solutions specially

designed and manufactured for residential as well as commercial spaces.

We carefully select the finest architectural films from award winning brands so our

customers enjoy excellent durability, reliable performance and unmatched aesthetics.


Tons of options from real wood, stone, solid color, metal... just about any look you want


Take a look to see how others are using this revolutionary product.


How does it all work? Find out more about the easy process to transform
your space 


You have questions

We have answers

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Why Wrap
SMT05_Super Matt Grey.jpg


Fast Transformation

A fast solution to transforming any interior space.

cost effective

Up to 70% cheaper than traditional renovation, for the same aesthetics.

quality materials

From 200-350μ thick, creates an authentic appearance that can last longer than classical solutions.

no maintenance

Clean with everyday, eco-friendly materials.



5 year warranty on installation and product.


No down time

No loss of revenue for your business. A renovated room in the evening can be rented in the morning.


No water damage

Water, Mould & Mildew resistant material made with fire retardant properties.

No noise

No use of heavy machinery and tools. Does not disturb surrounding areas.


Less waste! There is no demolition involved so you aren't filling up a landfill.



Get in contact with us today to receive a free quote and consultation for your space.

Fill out the form below describing what you would like wrapped, along with your

design ideas and we will have someone contact you within 48hours.

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