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Upgrade Your Business

Architectural Wrapping for Commercial Renovation

Licensed and Bonded Remodel Contractors

The Wrapping Co. specializes in installing architectural films which are a high-quality, self-adhesive laminate film offering the authentic appearance of real material, at a fraction of the price.


Our work is specifically designed for commercial areas, with it's high resistance to water, dirt, impact, wear, abrasion and mold. Not only providing an ideal solution for transforming your commercial space, but also minimizing your business downtime for an amazing renovation.


Work can be carried out quickly and non-intrusively. Our wrapping system is so minimally intrusive

to the surrounding area that it is possible for us to work without causing any disruption and work

around day-to-day activities of your commercial space. Once our Architectural Wrap is

installed, the area is available to use immediately.

Benefits For Your Business

1. Minimal disruption to your business activities; no heavy machinery is used in our installation, eliminating dust, smoke, hassle and noise which can be a nuisance to staff and customers.

2. Large areas can be transformed in a fraction of the time compared to demolition.

3. No need to remove existing substrates.

4. Large cost savings for your business on demolition, reinstatement, opportunity cost losses due to downtime.

5. Quality promise: our trained professionals will install only the highest quality vinyls.

6. Dozens of different colors to choose from in both gloss and matt finishes.

7. Hundreds different material designs to choose from such as; Wood, Marble, Metallic, Natural Stone, Leather and more.

Fireplace Wall Renovation
Salon Reception Upgrade
Front Desk
Restaurant Renovation
Elevator Refinish

Save your business time and money, while giving it that new look it needs!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation today.

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