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How long does installation usually take?

It depends on the scope and complexity of the project, but most projects usually will take between 1-2 days. This is a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods of demolition and re-installation.

How many people will be in our space?

The usual team size varies depending on scope and complexity of the project, but on average each job requires between 2-5 installers.

Do I have to do anything prior to installation?

We ask that each customer conducts a deep clean of their area prior to installation as this will prevent any dust, crumbs or grease from coming in between our wraps and the surfaces. It will also decrease the time-frame of the job if the kitchen is already cleaned. If a deep clean is needed on our part, we will consider it an extra cost.

Will there be a mess, loud noises, or strange smells during work is complete?

Our messes, noises and smells are kept to a minimum. You will see scraps of paper, but nothing damaging to your areas surfaces. You will hear drills, but nothing too menacing. There are no strong smells that will spill into the rest of the house. After work is finished, a thorough clean up will be conducted, leaving your space in the same condition as it was found.

What happens if there is a mistake during installation?

Prior to installation, we will warn our customers about any areas that may prove to be potential barriers in a perfect result. We will do our very best to minimize these barriers. If there is a mistake on our part that was not previously pointed out, we will find the nearest available date for our team to come back and fix whatever does not sit well with you!

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How durable are our architectural vinyls?

Architectural films are very durable, scratch resistant, commercial grade materials. This means that they are specially designed and manufactured for high traffic commercial spaces that experience a high volume of customers such as hotels and resturaunts. They also contain a pressure-sensitive adhesive where the longer it stays on the surface, the stronger it adheres. When installed professionally, they will hold their form, look and feel throughout the years. Wrapping is in the same category as painting and cabinet lamination in regards to lifespan. With painting, you will see a life span of 8-15 years. With architectural films and laminates, you see a common lifespan of 10-20 years, if not more. Architectural films can withstand a high degree of use, and as with any other solution, their durability and lifespan usually depend on the level of abrasive use that they experience overtime. For example, when newly bought cabinets (what is considered the long-term solution here) experience the wear and tear of everyday life, damages will usually show around 10 or so years. By "wear and tear", we are referring to the naturally occuring damages you see over the course of 10-20 years. For example, on walls, you'll see marks and scratches. On granite countertops, you could see slight cracks and stains from food.

Is this an affordable solution?

Yes! When compared to traditional home renovations or even cabinet refacing and countertop replacements, our solution can be up to 70% cheaper while saving you time and a headache that goes into messy renovation projects. Our solutions also offers you various types of wood, metals, solid colors, fabircs, stone and marble looks. Whatever your style may be, we have a wrap for you.

Are they water proof?

Yes. All of our vinyls are 100% waterproof, mold and mildew resistent. They are even fire proof, they will not catch fire if exposed directly to a flame. Extreme high heat will damage the vinyls, however this also goes for cabinet lamination materials and painted surfaces.

Is there any warranty?

We provide a 5 year warranty for the product and installation. If anything happens that is out of your control, such as an installation error or a malfunction with the product, we will send our team out to repair it right away. We do provide a 5 year accidental warranty which can be included on your quote. Accidental warranty covers everything from scraping a cabinet while moving your fridge to a child writing on the cabinet with a marker.

Can you use the vinyls on the floor?

If you wish to have the vinyl installed on the floor, we recommend a space with minimal shoe foot traffic such as a master bathroom. We will be doing staircases in the future once our team are fully trained in that department, however it will only be for customers who are aware of the risks of it being placed in a high traffic area. Shoes would need be taken off if placed on staircases, especially shoes such as high heels.

How real do they look and feel?

We cannot emphasize how realistic these vinyls are. They truly look and feel exactly like the real deal. If you don't believe us, let our team prove it to you. Contact us to set up a time and date for one of our team members to show you samples as well as an install demonstration - free of charge of course and with no committments whatsoever (we just love bragging about our product!). We are confident it will blow your mind. Having architectural vinyls will convince your family and friends that you went out and purchased a brand new slab of stone countertop, replaced your cabinets altogether, or got a completely new door installed - all within a day or two!


How much does this cost?

The price of any wrap job varies considerably with the complexity and scope of the project. We can give you an accurate quote upon coming to the site for a measuring. Or we can give you an estimation if you contact us through our email and attach a picture of what you want wrapped.

Do you provide installments?

Yes. You can pay in monthly installments rather than paying in one lump sum.

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