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Modern Kitchen


Revive Your Home

Licensed and Bonded Renovation Professionals

Our core service is providing high quality and elegant wrapping solutions specially designed

and manufactured for residential spaces. Our expertise includes cabinet, countertop and

custom surface wrapping. Whether you want a simple kitchen worktop refurbishment

or a complete home transformation, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to

ensure that your project is finished on time and executed to deliver flawless results and

a seamless finish.

Our Wraps

We carefully select the finest architectural films and pick award winning brands so our

customers enjoy excellent durability, reliable performance and unmatched aesthetics -

all for a fraction of the cost of the traditional demolish, rebuild, re-install method.


We offer a wealth of design options and looks such as solid colors in both matt and gloss, wood,

concrete, stone, marble, granite and more. Whatever style or theme you are going for, we can

help you find the best fitting design from our collections of more than 3,000 finishes.


What We Wrap



Heavy Duty Architectural Wrapping
Modern Bathroom


Waterproof, Mold & Mildew Resistant Wrap
Modern Kitchen


Dozens of Styles, Textures, and Colors
RF001_Woven PVC.jpg

Other Amenities

Wardrobes, Doors, Walls and Furniture

Get in contact with us today to receive a free quote and consultation for your space. Fill out

the form below describing what you would like wrapped, along with your design ideas

and we will have one of our team members contact you within 48hours.

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